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Samara Costa

This beautiful soul my family were honored to connect with was definitely an angel on earth the day Khali decided to arrive! Thabata and I were still work colleagues at Florescer Collab, but I already felt that she would stay in our lives in an even more in a beautiful and profound way. She guided also part of my Mother Bessing and was fully present and supporting me on the BIG DAY. It was a very challenging for me due the circumstances I was into, so many things went different than planed and then I went into labor! Thabata wasn't meant to be my Doula at first but the universe doesn't fail at all! There she was driving to meet me and to be part of this intense, exciting and healing day for all of us! Me, her and my husband looked like one, united, connected in such a way that upon arriving at the hospital we literally stopped the hospital haha. Your loving, welcoming and kindness brought me not only security but strength, confidence to trust my body and baby. Also reminded me that everything was exactly as it should be. It was a beautiful experience not only for our family but I'm sure for her as well. I think we had a little bit of everything isn't it? What a birth! Yes, we became friends and today I have the honor of saying that she is the most present and drooling aunt my daughter could ever have. Thank you for your mission my beautiful friend! You inspire not only other women or moms, but all of us with your purpose and love for what you do! We love you! Khali, Sam and Rafa.

Amanda Chapman

From the moment that my husband and I met Thabata, we knew that we wanted her to be our Doula.

She was exceptional during my pregnancy, labour and postpartum and I don’t think I could have done this without her support.

My labour lasted 37 hours and she was there with me for every step of the way, helping me breathe and giving me emotional and physical support to welcome my baby girl. She respected my wishes and reminded me of them when I could no longer think clearly. She held my hand through the hardest thing I have ever done and I will never forget it.

Thank you Thabata, you are everything we hoped for this journey. 

Amanda, Ryan and baby Daisy 

Rafaela Goes

Even before I got pregnant, I felt fear mixed with misinformation about childbirth. After the first months to assimilate the new stage of life, I think the coin really dropped and I started to inform do my own reseaches about birth. After watching the documentary “Renascimento do childbirth”, I was sure that I wanted to bring my daughter into the world in the most humane and natural way possible. Gradually I understood that a Doula would be indispensable in this process. My biggest certainty was that Thabata was the perfect person to accompany us.
This woman was responsible for providing me with a lot of courage, information and empowerment.
My delivery was long since my water broke a few days before, we stayed at home until the contractions started to rhythm, Thabata was always there in the smallest details, in a massage (magic hands), in a foot bath, in a tea, in a total surrender. At the hospital, when the bug really caught up, my husband was already on another planet, I was in childbirth, if it weren't for Thabata there to be our guide and support, everything would be immensely more difficult.
It's not just about having assistance in childbirth, it's about having a wonderful, up-to-date, prepared, powerful person supporting you before, during and after childbirth. Gratitude Thabatinha for choosing you. It was present and delivered, reminding me that I was capable all along. And also for so much postpartum care and assistance. I recommend with eyes closed. Thank you!

Camila Antonelli

Thabata was without a doubt the most important person I had by my side at that most important moment of my life, the birth of my son. Yes, my husband was also very important, but I don't know what would have become of me without Thabata at that moment. She knew what she needed to do and she knew what she was doing. From beginning to end, for 50 hours, she was there and I really wanted her to see Bernardo being born but Bernardo didn't want to leave and we left for a cesarean delivery. It was a very delicate moment where she managed to reassure us the whole time that everything was going to work out, and it did. Thank you Dinda Thabata for taking care of us with so much love and affection!

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