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Honouring Cicles

Honouring circle is an ancient sacred ceremony that honours the rites of passage during a women’s life. The underlying intention is to fill the celebrated women with love, strength, support, and encouragement as she embarks into a new journey.

Honouring circles, also known as a blessing way, are a powerful way to celebrate a woman’s transition from maiden to mother, hen's day, birthdays, engagements, loss and grief, or for any occasion that is important or significant to a woman.


Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time and when they come together a sacred space is naturally created. 

You’ll be spoiled, honoured, and lavished with love, celebrating your very special moment in life.

Each circle is unique and personalised for the Woman of Honour, which can include but not limited to:

  • Centre mandala of flowers, candles, crystals, oracle cards, etc.;

  • Guided meditation;

  • Guided Reiki Ceremony;

  • Facilitated Wishing/ Gifting Ceremony;

  • Closing Ritual;

  • Feasting together.

It is an honour to create ceremonies for life's many rites of passage. If you feel that you are ready to experience the magical moment of being pampered with a blessing way, reach out to know more about the ceremonies I offer.

So if you would like to know more how that works and how I can better serve and support your process, leave your enquire below or msg me by clicking here.

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