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Doula Packages

I take on a limited number of clients to make sure I can give you the full care and attention you deserve. By offering Prenatal Visits, my goal is to reduce any stress, allowing you to pay attention to your body and your baby and help you prepare for your birth. I am passionate about education around birth, and seek to provide unbiased information to help my clients make informed decisions. 

With my birthing guidance, I offer support to you and your family before and during the birth. My goal is to make you as comfortable as you can, by supporting you physically and emotionally during labour and birth. Yet, ensuring your preferences and desires will be all listened. Those first few weeks after the birth are really big weeks for the baby and for the mum! 

My desire is to support you in your recovery after birth by helping you in ways that allow you to rest and heal.

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9 months + 3

Full Care Support

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Online Birth Planning Session$300

Prenatal Consult




9 months + 3

Prenatal Care & Support

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Support and care after birth

- Gift vouchers are available upon request. 

- Custom Packages available. Please make an enquire to know what I can offer
you personally.

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