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Natural Gynaecology Healing Therapy

Natural Gynecology is an alternative medicine based on holistic therapy that seeks to cover the woman’s body in its physical, mental, energetic, and emotional format. It is also a movement that seeks rescuing an ancient and traditional

knowledge of intimate care for women, in search of autonomy, freedom, empowerment, self-love knowledge and self-acceptance.

Natural Gynecology integrates the wisdom of herbalism, naturopathy, aromatherapy, special diets, womb meditations, yoni steam and much more. Our bodies are abused, limited, controlled, fated, and condemned by the patriarchal society. It is time to take the control back and understand that no book, medicine, or recipe can teach you more about yourself than your own body, your thoughts, desires and emotions.

We are specialists of ourselves, and the path of self-knowledge brings understanding about the processes of illness and healing that affect us throughout life. If you are experiencing short of libido, creativity blockage, recurrent vaginal infection, struggling with cramps and PMS, suffering from acute disease as endometriosis, myoma or polycystic ovary syndrome, or even having fertility problems or wants to overcome a sexual trauma or abortion, I believe I am the right person to help you.


How does it work?  We are going to meet online once a month, during your three next menstrual cycles and talk about your concerns, teaching you tools for womb self-healing and recommending a natural program for you to fallow. 

You will have unlimited support via text, phone or email any time you need.

Investment? $300

There are no shortcuts or magic formulas. It is a path of deep discover and connect with all the layers that exist within you! 


Click here and book Your Session With Me!

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